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Programs and Racing with DTL
The motorsports events and activities with Drag To Learn...?   For more photos and activities check it out on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/mark.knickerbocker.12/photos

Cory Vossler, Vetern of two tours in the Middle East
Laramie Peak Motors Gang at Jackalope Nationals 06.05.10
Honorary first pitch thrown,with Clinton McKinney at NHRA Night
Cameron Brown, Lucas Door Prize Winner, Legends of Rawhide Car Show
DTL Gang, Kevin, Mark, and Stan, Door Prize Winners at the Legends of Rawhide Car Show
Legends of Rawhide Car Show, Best of Show, Race Car, DTL Race Truck 07.10.10
DTL Racers Dennis Keck and Mark Potts, showing the DTL kids about racing
Dennis Keck showing Eric and Stanley about the fast Corvette, Mile Hi Nationals 07.23.10
Antron Brown, driver of the Matco Tool Top Fuel Dragster, Dream Big and Do Not Settle!
Antron and DTL Gang from Wyoming and Longmont, CO 07.31.10 Mile Hi Nationals
Platte Valley Junior Investor Program 08.
Wyoming Boys' School, Worland, Wy 08.23.10
Wyoming Boys' School, Worland, Wy with Wyoming State Trooper 08.23.10
Pueblo Motorsports Park, 08.29.10
Pueblo Motorsport Park, with Sharon Rhodes Mountainside Motorsports DTL Racer
DTL at Spring Creek Youth Center in Colorado Springs 08.30.10
DTL at Spring Creek, Dan, Mark, Sharon Mountainside Motorsports, and Ryan
Sharon Rhodes DTL Racer volunteer, Spring Creek Staff and Mountainside Motorsports
The Drag To Learn Team at Topeka ET Finals, James, Jan, Mark, Susan, and Forrest
South Dakota DTL Racers, Mr. and Mrs. Butch Monson
Wyoming Youth ChalleNGe April 2011
Wyoming Youth ChalleNGe April 2011
Wyoming Youth ChalleNGe April 2011
Wheatland Middle School Mary 2011
Wheatland Middle School May 2011
Wehatland Middle School May 2011
Toni Krenning Jr Dragster Runner-up 05.22.11
Shaye Fitzgerald Jr Dragster Winner 05.22.11
Jessica Kagarise Jr Dragster Winner 06.04.11
Rianna Cisneros Jackalope Nationals High School Champion 06.05.11
Chase Huet Jackalope Nationals Jr Dragster Champion 06.05.11
Sabrina Korht Jackalope Nationals Jr Dragster Runner-uo 06.05.11
Troy Singleton Jackalope Nationals Sportsman Champion 06.05.11
John Muhr Jackalope Nationals Sportsman Runner-up and Cheryl Muhr Truck Runner-up 06.05.11
Steve Perkins Jackalope Nationals Pro Champion 06.05.11
Brad Sharp Jackalope Nationals Pro Runner-up with Dad Gary Sharp Super Pro Runner-up 06.05.11
Dan Mayfield Jackalope Nationals Super Pro Champion 06.05.11
Jeremy Oldham Jackalope Nationals King Street Champion 06.05.11
Earl Garczynski Jackalope Nationals King Street Runner-up 06.05.11
Danny Reed Jackalope Nationals Rocky Mtn Stick Shift Champion and Larry Cleveland Runner-up 06.05.11
Annie Pardus Jackalope Nationals Truck Champion 06.05.11
Wyoming Youth ChalleNGe Graduation 11 06.11.11
Lloyd Lascano Cadet Speaker Wyoming Youth ChalleNGe Graduation 11
Ty Anderson DTL helper at Glendo Parade 06.18.11
DTL helpers, Ty Anderson, Grandpa and Grandma Anderson Glendo Parade 06.18.11
Kyla Vasquez Jr Dragster Winner 06.25.11
Tyler Garczynski High School Winner 06.25 and Runner-up 06.26.11
Cobe Freeman National Jr Dragster Challenge-1 Champion 06.26.11
Travis Thorsten, National Jr Dragster Challenge-3 Champion 06.26.11
Antron Brown, Matco Tools Challenge, Denver 06.30.11
DTL at Matco Tools Challenge, Denver 06.30.11
Antron Brown providing advice, Dream big, Never settle! Denver 06.30.11
Glendo Mud Race 07.02.11
Paul Herrera Awesome Ford Ranger, Glendo Mud Race 07.02.11
Paul Herrera, Glendo Mud Race 07.02.11
Cory Hutchins, Mud Racer and Drag Racer, Glendo Mud Race 07.02.11
Students' Point of View
2008 Wyo Tech Drag To Learn Team

2008 Drag to Learn Team at Douglas Motorsports Park, September 6 and 7, 2008.  Left to right: Ben, Brian, Bradley (Winner 9/6, Runner-up 9/7), Mark, Dakota (Semi-Finalist 9/6), Stephen (Semi-Finalists 9/7) and Bree.

"I can't thank you enough for the expereince at the track and the seminars.  You got me hooked on drag racing.  And I love what you do with the Drag To Learn Program.  With my scouting leadership experience, I know the joy of teaching young people, and I see how much you enjoy what you do with the Drag To Learn Program. If you ever need any help with the program or racing in general, let me know.  If I can help, I will.  -Ben Huro, Wyoming Techinical Instute student.

"The students who missed the seminar would like to attend a future seminar.  On a personal note, it was refreshing to see your passion for what you were teaching.  I took away many lessons for future use.  -Paul Benabise, Wyoming Technical Institute student.

DTL Programs, Participants, Racers and Highlights

Wyoming Boys State Program, Douglas, WY
DTL helper, Keaton
DTL Rider, Brady
Tnank you to Troy and Amy Hughes, Guest racers at Saratoga 09.08.09
Douglas High School, Session 6, 11.02.09
Douglas Middle School, 11.03.09
Eric and Coleter, DTL RC Club Racers
Dennis Keck, long time DTL racer and supporter
Longtime DTL racers, Gary and Angie, John, Mike and Darlene
Gary Stinson, DTL Racer
John Shields, DTL crew member, and racer
Mike Moorhous, DTL Racer
Randy,HITMAN, Messinger, DTL Racer
John Conilogue, Left Hand Trailers, DTL Racer
Amy Hughes, DTL Racer and volunteer
Troy Hughes, DTL Racer and volunteer
Dan Mayfield, DTL Racer and volunteer
Dan Mayfield, DTL Racer and volunteer
Dave and Ruth Burch, DTL Racers and volunteers
Dave and Ruth Burch, DTL Racers and volunteers
Dave and Ann Nyberg DTL Racers and supporters
Joe Larson DTL Racer and volunteer
John Larson DTL Racer and supporter
Steve Perkins, Perkins Oil Company, DTL racer and supporter
Cordonier Family, DTL racers and supporters
Ben Marhle, DTL racer and supporter
Sam and Myles Whitney, DTL racer and supporter
Carly Ellingson, DTL racer and supporter
Shaye Fitzgerald, DTL racer and supporter
Larry Ford, DTL racer and supporter
Richard Albert Jr. and Sr., DTL racers and supporters
Steve Hodge, DTL racer and supporter
Kirby Wilson, DTL racer and supporter
Stan BUTCH, Monson, DTL racer and supporter
Gary Enlow, DTL Racer
Gene Carlson, DTL Racer
Loretta and Bob Gabrielson, DTL Racer
Zach and Melissa Hicks, DTL Racers
Jon Ott, DTL Racer
AJ Fiorelli, DTL Racer
Charlie Trott, DTL Racer
LeRoy and Judy Dunn, DTL Racer
Troy Singleton, DTL Racer
Dave, Colt, Brad Buchmeier, DTL Racers
Sean Harris, Competition Racecraft
Dick and Kevin Alexander, John Conilogue, DTL Racers and Supporters
Teagen Boyson, DTL Racer, Son of crew member Dustin Boyson
DTL Braintrust, Joe Herstein, Dennis Keck and Justin Herstein
V. Gaines, NHRA Pro Stock Racer
John Force, NHRA Nitro Funny Car, 14X Champ and DTL Supporter
Gary Hamton, red Cavalier, Tucson, AZ, DTL Racer
2009 Division V ET Finals, Topeka, KS, Lee, Jessi, Mark, Dennis and Pam
Platte Co. RC Club Awards, TeRay, Sportsman of the Year, Brendan, Most Improved Racer
Platte County RC Club Parents.Volunteers and Competitors
Career Development Center at Longmont, CO, with Darin Albright from Cummins, 01.31.10
Ron Rose, with his fast Bowtie, at CDC in Longmont, 01.31.10
DTL presentation at CDC in Longmont, 01.31.10
Platte Co. RC Club Most Improved Racer, Blake
Rodz and Ridez Car Club, Lusk, WY
Jeff Anderson, DTL and Circle G Cowboy Church Volunteer
Circle G Cowboy Church, Program Winners
Pueblo Motorsports Park 04.19.10
Pueblo Motorsports Park
La Veta, CO 04.19.10
La Veta, CO 04.19.10
Prize Winners at Casper Classic Acadmey
Casper Classic Academy students with Mark
Casper Classic Academy
Wheatland Middle School 05.24.10
Wheatland Middle School 05.24.10
Wyoming Youth Challenge, 06.08.10
Wyoming Youth Challenge, 06.08.10
Wyoming Youth Challenge, 06.08.10
Lee .Cookie Monster. Dalton, new DTL Racer
Bob Troxler, new DTL Racer, long time friend, 83 years young
Richard Pyle and Grandson Trevor, new DTL Racer
Janet and Mark Potts,DTl Racers Gillette, WY
Sharon Rhodes DTL Racer, Volunteer and Mountainside Motorsports Team
Gary Hampton, DTL Racer, Tempe, AZ
Ed Miller, DTL Racer and his fast truck
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